"Glow Up" is a gift that keeps on giving: a vegan face mask to jump start your fresh face journey, a book that's full of valuable information about skincare, nutrition, and the ins and outs of some of the most used ingredients in skincare. There's also a decor dish that can be used for jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, or a lovely decorative addition to your vanity space.

Glow Up

  • Book | 288 pages of cutting-edge beauty treatments from celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas. She shares her secret to beautiful skin: developing and maintaining a good skincare routine. She teaches readers how to create the best routine for their skin type, explains the science behind the labels of various products and tools--from serums to retinols, dry brushes to sheet masks.

    She also shares fresh insight into how the other self-care routines we don't often connect to our skin--such as nutrition, sleep, and stress management--impact skin appearance and resiliency. 

    Decor Dish | The perfect place for all your "pretty little things. Gold lettering and gold trim.  Great for small earring and dainty jewelry pieces. It's lovely as a stand alone piece as well to add to the aesthetic of your beauty space.

    • Dimensions: Diameter: 4"Height: 3/4"

    Mask | Vegan Facial Mask | "Pretty in Pink" is a etoxifying mask, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that leave the skin bright, clear, and fresh.

    • Ingredients: French Pink Clay, Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Dulse Leaf, Organic Licorice Root

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