Plan. Do. Achieve.

How are you at making plans? Does it intimidate you? Do you see it through to the end? If there’s a job you want to apply for—go for it! That promotion you’ve been eyeing…throw your hat in the ring. That home you want—buy it! Sometimes, we as women put undue pressure on ourselves and put our aspirations on hold until everything is perfect. Guess what—nothing is perfect, it never will be. So the perfect time is right now! Stop procrastinating.

Focus on the goal and move forward. You can do it, just put one foot in front of the other and take one step closer to your dream job, dream home, and dream car. Now remove dream from each aforementioned object. To realize an aspiration, you must see it as tangible. For something to be real you have to believe it’s real. Calling something a dream makes it somehow seem unreachable or imaginative. Your wants are real and you’re capable of bringing them to fruition.

Devise a plan. You can use something as simple as a calendar, small notebook, or even a sheet of lined notebook paper. Create a place to track your project. Document your failures and progress because they all count as a step. A failure is just a misstep, it’s not the end. When you hit a snag, think about it logically so you don’t repeat the same mistake, then move forward.